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Vacuum Pump NEWS

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How to use Single-Stage Rotary-Vane Vacuum Pump

1. Before use, carefully read the product instruction manual and check the shipping quality after unpacking. Collect spare parts and technical documents and remove the exhaust guards. Install, wire and test steering as required.
2. In order to prevent oil injection due to oil return and reversal, the pump port should be opened first, and the pump memory oil should be turned to the fuel tank according to the regulations. At the same time, check the oil level, it should be above the center of the oil mark, but do not fill the oil mark, and more should be released.
3. Auxiliary methods for judging steering. Pour the sheath on the pump port. If it is pumped, it will be sucked. It is forward, blown, and reversed. The sound is normal in the positive direction and the sound is abnormal in the reverse direction.
4. If the pumping port is equipped with a pneumatic solenoid valve, it should be installed horizontally and at the same time as the pump.
5. When the relative humidity is high or the condensable steam such as water vapor in the gas is pumped, the gas ballast valve should be used.
6. According to the manual, vacuum pump oil is recommended. Note that ester vacuum pump oil cannot be mixed with mineral oil type vacuum pump oil and other oils. It must be cleaned before it can be replaced with ester vacuum pump oil.
7. Check the ultimate pressure of the pump to the compression vacuum gauge. The full pressure gauge should pay attention to the paired calibration and standby comparison regulation of metering and regulation. It is recommended to install a ball valve between the regulator and the pump under test. When the valve is closed, the valve can be used for extended use.
8. cleaning. It should not be dipped to prevent the washing liquid from entering the inside of the splicing rotor and it is not easy to discharge.
9. disassembly. According to the recommendations and regulations in accordance with the instructions for use, make a good position, and place it properly so as not to be misplaced.

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