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Vacuum Pump NEWS

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Medical vacuum system

The negative pressure suction system is composed of central suction station, pipeline, valve and terminal equipment. The vacuum suction machine room is an independent operation room. The negative pressure source of the central suction system is that the vacuum unit of the central suction machine room makes the suction system pipeline reach the required negative pressure value through suction, which generates the attraction in the operating room, the emergency room, the relief room and the terminal of various wards, and supplies the medical treatment.

Model no. : xd-20 dual pump system
Ultimate vacuum: 0.5hpa
Pumping rate: 40m /h
The terminal negative pressure value is -0.07 ~ -0.03mpa; (can be adjusted as required)
The pressurization rate due to leakage should not exceed 1% per hour on average.
The vacuum pump can be opened and closed automatically or operated manually
Terminal with plug - in self - sealing quick connector, easy to operate, reliable.

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