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Vacuum Pump ABOUT US

Quality first, service first as the goal, to provide customers with high-quality products

  Shanghai Second Vacuum Pump Factory Co. Ltd. is a manufacturer with decades of professional production experience in the production of vacuum equipments. Its brand “Rishang”® has so far become one of the most influential brands in China.

With our own advanges, professional techinal personnel and decades of manufacturing experience, our company has sophisticated processing equipments and strong sense of quality management. Our products strictly enforce the international quality system authentication of ISO9001:2008. Our factory took the lead in using German vacuum pump production technology up to now. And the core components are produced by German Demagy imported Horizontal Machining Center and Four-axis Vertical Machining Center.

And we unceasingly provide customers with targeted, professional products to meet their demands for vacuum equipments.

Main products:Single stage rotary vane vacuum pump (XD, X),  two stage rotary vane vacuum pump (2X, 2XZ), Roots pump (ZJ、JZP), water ring pump (SZ, 2BV, 2BEA), vacuum system (water ring closed-loop system, Roots rotary vane unit, etc.) and vacuum technology solution system.

The main application areas of our products: food machinery, pharmaceutical, refrigeration equipment, rubber machinery, solar photovoltaic, chemical vacuum heat treatment, smelting and many other industries.

We sincerely hope that we can continuously improve our services, and it has always been our responsibility to provide customers with first-class vacuum products. We are willing to cooperate with you for common development and create brilliant achievements together.


Purpose of the enterprise
◆ Adhere to the people-oriented, the pursuit of excellence, continuous innovation as the values of the enterprise;
◆ Adhere to the values of safety, energy conservation, environmental protection and reliability;
◆ Adhere to mutual benefit and win-win, customer service first for business philosophy
◆ Continuously improve the brand influence and product image of Shanghai second vacuum pump factory co., LTD.

Our Aspiration
◆ We are committed to vacuum industry, to become industry experts and industry leader.

Our Philosophy
◆ Focus on honesty and innovation to achieve far-reaching results 
◆ The competitiveness of our enterprise is persistently improved by our unremitting efforts 

Our Enterprising Spirits
◆ The success of our enterprise comes from the efforts of every employee 
◆ We should constantly transform our work concepts and styles to keep the enterprise aliv

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